AlBaraa Haddad is a Photographer, Cinematographer, and Filmmaker whose narratives revolve around questions of land, migration, and belonging.

Haddad was born in Lattakia, Syria, a city nestled between a lush mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea.

Raised amidst nature, he cultivated skills in listening, observing, and contemplating, as well as a keen interest in capturing fleeting moments.


His journey with lens-based media began early, initially as a hobby, and then as an escape from an impossible reality. He grew attached to the camera during the Syrian uprising of 2011, closely following the resistance, before having to flee the country and seek refuge in Türkiye.

He has since been primarily interested in examining social transformations in the diaspora, particularly the post-war experiences of the displaced.

Haddad worked as a documentary producer for various media platforms. As director of photography, he shot feature documentaries, series, and short films. He also contributes as a consultant and media planner for NGOs engaged in southeast Türkiye and northwest Syria, among other places. He lives and works in Istanbul.