A northeast railroad

From my short "Drowning in the East" from (doğu Ekspres train) capturing the beauty of Anatolian landscape, rugged mountains, vast plains, and the winding rivers that make up this unique region of Turkey. The film also highlights the human element on the trip, the diverse individuals who are traveling on the train, each with their own story. From the bustling train stations to the quiet moments of contemplation

Fragments from Kabul

Frames from documentaries I shot in Kabul for TRT Network - 2022

A diary of a fighter

Documentary for AJ360 Network documenting the military and civilian life of A Syrian rebel (FSA Fighter) in Northwest Syria - 2023

Irtiqaa Group Ad

Our Last Home

A village you barely face a face in, old hands, missing eyes, worn souls, and pale bodies, all; because of those who left the stones to be burn alone under the cruel sunshine, who left the springs of the hills around to dry, the sun was merciful they tell, but not anymore. my short For TRT.


From the road we took while searching for birsifuni's answers in people's words about home, leaving, living, suffering, forgetting, or remembering. Longing for the past, yet curious about tomorrow, these frames constitute a gathering of never-ending question: Do we have an identity?

A suspend Life

through this film “a suspended life”, I tried to delicately woven the threads of Hamza, Maher, and Muhammad's lives, revealing their harrowing ordeal as victims of a cruel fate by the Syrian regime through their mother's eyes

Music in its Mountains

On Beauty and other Desires

Incomplete experimental short on the feeling of desire

Fragments From Kars