Selected Works

Climates \ مناخات

An attempt to describe my journey, as if I’m writing a text. At every juncture, I stopped to add a letter, a word, a cry, expressing infinite feelings of grief, pain, desire, loss, curiosity, anger, fear. Yearning for freedom, and thinking of death. I tackle the question that keeps haunting me: Why did I survive?

Tending to Daydreams

Between sweet dreams and distant warm memories. From an open field, from a village, from a blue sea. Like the tales of grandmothers, the leaves of late autumn, the warmth of a fireplace in winter, the purity of spring air, the sweetness of water at the end of the creek, the taste of grapes.

About Home

Remembering as resistance. Images as memories. About an uprising, a beautiful village, a raging war, a forgotten genocide, a longing for freedom, and finally the escape.

Anatolia - Notes from the Soil

Notes from a far soil, a journey through the rugged terrains and forgotten villages of Anatolia. An ongoing project where I seek the deep connections between people and the soil. Through my travels in the region, I encountered communities that cling to their land despite scarce resources, telling stories of survival, perseverance, while savoring the simple joys of everyday life.

Istanbul, a lonely passage

A Testament of Being

Unforeseen Crossings

Through many paths of ascent and descent, pausing at moments that seemed strange to me, passing without leaving a trace, except that they turned into memories captured in a picture.

A postcard From Kabul